Persecuted Christians & Churches (Leaders/Disciple Makers) & Refugees


  Professional Christ-Centred Trauma & Psychotherapeutic Counselling

for Women & Couples

Today Iranian people face traumas and crises, including in the Christian community. Since 2006, the rate of divorce has increased more than one and half times to the point where around 20 percent of marriages now end in divorce. In the first two months of this Iranian calendar year (late March to late May) alone, more than 21,000 divorce cases were logged, according to official statistics. Furthermore, drug addiction is at its highest right now. Iran’s Drug Control Organisation has said that there are now 2.8 million people in the strictly conservative country “regularly consuming drugs,” according to reports carried by state media. The UN said last year that Iran already has one of the worst addiction crises in the world, affecting people from all walks of society. Moreover, the Iranian Christian community is a wounded and traumatised community because of persecution, rejection from their family and friends, continuous harassment and discrimination, the loss of jobs and opportunities for education, and forced migration.

Women are the most vulnerable group in Iranian society today; many have experienced social trauma and domestic abuse. They need qualified help and training to deal with their personal and marriage issues that are rooted in these experiences, which prevent them from growing deeply in Christ and becoming His mature disciples. Our counselling ministry is qualified professionally and we are a member of BACP-UK (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). We also collaborate with the global counselling and therapy Christian networks.

We offer Biblical Christ-centred counselling, trauma counselling and psychotherapy to Persian women and couples through the internet, online, FaceTime and in person one-to-one meetings.

Strengthen & Equip

Local Churches

We hold conferences and meetings online and in-person to teach, preach the Word of God, Christian doctrine and discipleship to Christian believers to strengthen them in their Christian faith, commitment, and relationship to our Lord Jesus as well as preaching the Gospel to non-believers.

These conferences and meetings aim to strengthen and mobilize local churches, small Christian communities and encourage those who are scattered to inspire and strengthen the faith of Christians. We collaborate in this work with Iranian and non-Iranian local churches from any denomination, Christian communities and ministries who work with refugees.

Equip & Train

Leadership & Discipleship


We have seen an enormous demand and need for teaching and training among emerging Iranian church leaders, pastors and disciple-Makers. We hold ongoing seminars and workshops online and in-person to train and equip these church leaders, pastors and disciple-makers on various biblical and contextualized training courses with discussions, fellowship and prayer times. All our resources and teaching materials are a combination of Biblical discipleship, Christian doctrine and theology, spiritual formation, counselling issues and cultural subjects that apply to the context. Our aim is to train and equip them to become mature Christ-like, transformed and serving the Kingdom of God in order to equip and train others within their local church/community.

TV & Media

Regularly we have been involved in teaching on live programmes on the Christian channel that is broadcast via satellite TV & social media. Moreover, we are involved in pre-recorded episodes on various Biblical, contextualised discipleship, theological and Christian life subjects as well as Biblical sermons. These TV programs impact millions of people.

Women’s Ministry

(Women to Women)

We hold conferences and meetings online and in-person for women.  One of our key focuses is providing teaching on various Biblical themes (related to women), with Christian counselling. Each meeting has a discussion, fellowship, prayer and ministry time.